German localization

The Leap Habits you know - aber endlich auf Deutsch.

Habits social sharing

Easily share your successes on Instagram, TikTok and the likes by creating custom images of your current progress and streaks.

Location-based habit reminders

Want to reminded to work out after you come home from work? Set location based reminders, to trigger a notification for a habit when you leave or arrive at a place.

Calendar integration

Automatically add your habits to your calendar to never forget one.

Advanced habit reminders

Habit reminders that are not just triggered at the designated time every day, but are scheduled based on your specific habit completions and the habit timeframe.

Apple Watch support

Track your habits and view your progress and streaks directly from your Apple Watch. Log completions without ever touching your phone.

Custom habit sorting

Arrange and sort the habits just the way you like by dragging and dropping them in your desired order.

Advanced Workouts Support

Adding support for large variety of workouts to be automatically tracked form Apple Health. That way you could automatically track e.g. 3 runs per week, 100km running per month, 2 hours of yoga... and so on.

Water reminder habit

Track your hydration with a specialized water habit.

Export habit data

Export data for specific or all habits as a csv to take an analytics deep dive.

Detailed progress reports

Detailed statistics for every habit in the progress tag, including averages, times of day and totals.

Every other day habit

Create habits with more advanced timeframes, like every other day or once every 3 days.

Intermittent fasting habit

A habit to track your intermittent fasting with timers and presets for the classic 16:8 and 18:6.